Viking Sunrise

Viking Sunrise – Mixed Media on Canvas 40″ x 30″


Viking Sunrise

Size of original: 40″x 30″ Other sizes available!

Canvas Wall Art Original – Ink and Acrylic on Canvas 40″ x 30″

I created this canvas wall art a couple of years ago after reading a series of novels about Vikings. Not being able to visualise the curves of these sleek watercraft. I had to buy a plastic model for reference.

The beautiful colours in the sky were achieved using Rotring Opaque Artistcolour┬áink with airbrush. I’m not aware if these inks are still available. I’ve had them several years. I hope so! I like the way the hues appear to assume a florescent quality, glowing. I look forward to using them again but I’ll wait until it’s warmer outside. So I have better ventilation. ­čÖé The airbrush nebulises the ink so finely it spreads everywhere.

I like inks, watercolour and acrylic paints over oil colour for the faster drying time. The ink was dry almost immediately. Enabling me to transfer a tracing of a sketch I had prepared of the boat.

I was then able to paint the Viking longboat. Followed by the foreground shadows. And then reflections and surf with acrylic colours.

I do like this as a theme and intend to paint several more in future. Possibly with more dramatic coastal landscapes.

I won’t be selling this art work. I intended to keep it but a friend has put dibbs on it if I do decide to part with it. However I will make prints available in the not to distant future. Posters and canvas wall art prints.

It’s my intention, when I’ve finished developing this website, to start selling some originals. Some by┬áauction on Ebay and some by purchase direct from this site. Follow me on your favourite Social Network for regular updates.┬áIcons are on the right of this page and below most articles.

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