Swan Wood Dawn - Oil Painting - canvas wall art prints

Swan Wood Dawn Oil on Canvas 24″ x 18″


Swan Wood Dawn
Size of original: 24″x 18″ Other sizes available!

Oil Painting on Canvas 24″ x 18″

In this painting I’ve depicted a lone swan on mirror still water drifting leisurely towards me. Its plumage highlighted by the diffused dawn light filtering through the surrounding woodland.  This scene was not the first vision/idea for this picture, it kind of originated by chance, instigated by ‘Sky’, my cat.  
I’d taken some photos, on my phone, of a pair of swans living on a privately owned lake where I was cleaning windows. The last time I saw them I took some beautiful pictures of them with their cygnets. They would all come so close, they get to know you I suppose. Sadly, the next time I was there they had been killed for food by people who do that sort of thing, leaving the babies to fend for themselves which they couldn’t, too young. Anyway I thought I like to use them for a painting.
The first canvas, which is now called “Swan Beach“, was used as the latest in-place to repose by my cat and I wasn’t sure the dents made by her little paws would lift. In time the canvas did regain its shape and I continued but having embarked on another painting, this one.

I used ‘wet on wet’ for the background after masking off the shape of the swan which I completed ‘wet on dry’.


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