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Swan Beach Oil on Canvas 24″ x 18″


Swan Beach

Oil on canvas 24″ x 18″

The first of two paintings featuring swans. One swan approaches the viewer while its companion looks on. This painting may be a similar area to ‘Deer by the Sea‘ with the sandy terrain in the mid-ground and sheltered water for the swans to enjoy.

After under-painting the swan I left the canvas flat which my cat found comfortable to spend the night on. Leaving two little paw indentations. Thinking the canvas was spoiled I restarted on another canvas before finding, days later, that the first one was OK after all. So I altered the background. It’s occurred  to me that this would make a nice mural for a nursery or similar area.

Again I sketched and masked off the figures of the swans, built the scene as I felt at the time before painting the swans.

The other painting featuring a swan I refer to is ‘Swan Wood Dawn‘.

Hope you enjoy both…

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