Sunset Wave

Sunset Wave – Water Color Painting 14″ x 10″


Sunset Wave – Water Color Paintings

Water Color Paintings on Cold Press Bockingford Paper 14″ x 10″

My Second Attempt at Water Color Paintings

Just checked through my water color paintings and remembered this one, a seascape. This was a lot simpler subject to practice with. Having painted breaking waves before using oil paint I was a lot more familiar with the effect.

 Cold Press Paper for Water Color Paintings

Before I attempted this project I had learnt a little more about preparing the paper. Stretching the paper before commencing is essential to avoid buckling as the paint dries. More essentially I’ve learnt how important it is to choose the best paper to suit the project and style.

The Painting Technique I Used

First I stretched the paper, securing the edges while it dried. Then I lightly dampened the paper with a large Hake brush. Then I quickly applied the colours with the same brush. Being careful to start with the minimum of pigment and sunshine colours first. This is such an easy, satisfying way of painting. The colours blend so smoothly leaving the light from the paper to give luminescence to the colour. It doesn’t take long to dry enough to add a bit of detail applying paint with dry brushes. Again I composed this picture from imagination. I would like to take some photos or find some with interesting landscapes and put my own take on them.  I do realise the advantage of planning a picture but a photo would be a great guide. I might remember where to leave the paper white. I posted this article (as the previous) out of sequence as I’d only remarked about the landscape and beach scene watercolor paintings. I will post those soon. I hope you like this picture. 🙂

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