Sunrise Horse Girl - canvas prints for sale

Sunrise Horse Girl – Oil on Canvas 16″ x 12″


Horse Girl Sunrise

Size of original: 16″x 12″ Other sizes available!

Oil on Canvas 16″ x 12″

Although this is in the same theme, “Horse Girl“,  it’s a lot smaller at only 16″ x 12”. Using the “wet on wet” technique I had first under painted the shape of the horse, girl and land with grey gesso. I then brushed on dabs of yellow, minute amounts of crimson and blended towards the white areas. While the background was still wet I highlighted the, still visible, grey areas to add a little depth and detail.

I do like this method of painting and with oils and it’s so easy to correct if necessary. Worst case scenario? Just lift the paint and redo. I can try things out quickly or I have time to stand back and reflect on what I really visualise before the paint dries.

I know I’m influenced so much by my environment. Living near a South facing beach I often witness the beauty of sunrises and sunsets with the sun still visible when low in the sky. Walking along the waters’ edge when the tide is out and the sun is low with the wet sand reflecting the skies above.

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