Spring Night

Spring Night – Oil on Canvas 18″ x 24″



Size of original: 18″x 24″ Other sizes available!

Oil Painting on Canvas 18″ x 24″ on canvas.

I painted this picture about 5 years ago  after coming across a book by Bob Ross. I would like to pay tribute to this great teacher as his method of instruction is enjoyable and so easy to follow. Thanks to the techniques I learnt from his book I felt inspired to paint more and hopefully now I can. Painting is such a joy but I still can’t decide on which media I prefer so I’ll just carry on playing….  tough life eh?

For this oil painting on canvas I used the ‘wet on wet‘ method. I started by painting black gesso around the edges of the primed canvas. By feathering around the edges of a roughly circular area I was left with a large white circle approximately two-thirds of the way up the canvas. The gesso is quite fast drying acrylic paint so you can start painting with oils within an hour.

The next step was to brush a thin layer of liquid white oil paint on to the white ‘spot’. Then add dashes of red and blue colour to the edges of the spot before blending in towards the centre. After adding a thin layer of liquid black oil paint to the lower portion and edges I was ready to add more colour and detail. Using fan brushes to highlight the shrubbery and trees in the background I then lifted the paint to form the tree trunks. Adding branches with a rigger brush I then finished by adding foreground foliage and dragging white paint down to form the stream with a fan brush.

As an amateur one of the most valuable lessons I learnt from Bob Ross was the effects all the different brushes can be used for.

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