Reflect - surrealism art

Reflect – Acrylic on Canvas 30″ x 40″



Size of original: 30″x 40″ Other sizes available!

Surrealism Art – Acrylic on Canvas 30″ x 40″

In the previous post I referred to the approach of creating  an image as a journey. Well I really did go on one with this painting. The original image I started off with in my head was of a stag by a stream. There was going to be a heather-covered slope leading down from the right toward the stag. In the background a waterfall and mist-shrouded mountains. All greens, blues, mauves and earth colors. However…… as you can see I digressed, a bit. 🙂

This really was an unexpected journey for me into surrealism art. Also the predominant colour became red. Maybe I’ll get better. If I try to summon an idea, at will, for a surrealistic picture I come up with nothing.

I’ve noted that if I start with a scene in mind I continue, more or less, in that direction. But if I start off with a subject/figure then the scene can develop from there. I guess the direction depends on how the subject inspires me via my subconscious. I believe that fits the surrealism art definition.

Certainly the various parts of the image have symbolic meanings to me individually and as a whole. I won’t venture to express the meaning as I believe that is a personal view. I like to think that if people like the picture then they will interpret it in their own way. Based on their own experience and journey.

I do love this picture and will never part with it but it has inspired further ideas along this theme. Again I intend to make prints, posters and canvas prints available at a later date.

I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I still do. Follow me if you’re curious to see how, or if, I will develop my surrealism art using this theme.

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