Mountain Pool - canvas pictures

Mountain Pool – Oil on Canvas 24″ x 18″


Mountain Pool

Size of original: 24″x 18″ Other sizes available!

Oil Painting on Canvas 24″ x 18″

Apologies for not uploading any new paintings for a while. There has been quite a lot to keep me busy with getting this site launched but hopefully I’ll have more time for painting now. Yey!!! :). Painted this last weekend so it’s still wet and there’s another couple in the process of drying that I’ll post over the next couple of days. There’s also another 5 paintings in various stages I’m looking forward to continuing.

When these paintings are ready I will be posting them on Ebay for auction so if you want to bid keep an eye out for the posts.

Also I will be posting details of how to win a painting in the near future. Basically I will select the winner from individual ‘likes’ on pictures so that way I know that whoever wins gets a picture they like. So put a ‘like’ on any picture you like and you might win it. Anyway I will post more details later.

I hope you like and share this picture. 🙂
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