Moonlight Stream - oil painting

Moonlight Stream – Oil on Canvas 16″ x 12″


Moonlight Stream

Size of original: 16″x 12″ Other sizes available!

Wall Art – Oil Painting on canvas 16″ x 12″

I decided to create this little piece of wall art restricting myself to just blue, black and white oil paint. Again I used the “wet on wet” method. Beginning with a primed canvas I prepared the lower area of the scene with an undercoat of black gesso. When that was dry I painted liquid white and liquid black oil paint thinly in the appropriate areas. After adding touches off blue and blending in I applied white highlights and the stream with a fan brush. I used a palette knife to lift paint where I needed, such as the rocks.

I often got home from work after midnight when I lived in Snowdonia. On occasion when there was a full moon and at most a few clouds in the sky. I’d get home, jump on my motorbike and head off deeper into the mountains.

I’d get to clear country, switch my lights off, pull the throttle back and just fly. The low dry stone walls lining the road on each side would streak by in a silver blur as I glided over the satin smooth tarmac (no potholes there :). The peaks, lakes, waterfalls, trees and shrubs drifted by highlighted in various shades of silvery white-blue and velvet black. I still think of that as one of the most beautiful images in my experience.

I intend to paint a series of acrylic paintings along this theme. I’ve decided to try with acrylic as there is a gel I have with microscopic glass beads in it. The idea is that the beads reflect light in much the same way as road signs at night. Thought it would be quite an effective piece of wall art to have the main features reflecting light in a dim room.

Hope you enjoy. 🙂

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