Maria Revising

Maria Revising – Original Water Colour on Fabriano CP on 22″ x 15″ Paper


Maria Revising

Original Water Colour on Fabriano CP on 22″ x 15″ Paper

Third painting in this theme and possibly the last in water colour.  The previous two are ‘Beach Parasol‘ and ‘Beach Deck Chair‘. I know… really imaginative titles aren’t they? 😀 As I commented before I intend to continue this theme using ink and acrylic. A few other paintings to finish first though. I thought I’d test Ebay out and submitted this and ‘Beach Deck Chair’ for auction. My daughter, Maria, went back-packing for two months (yeah right) six years ago and is still in Australia. I named it after her as a joke as I know she has been studying really hard at college and working hard to fund the courses. She loves Australia and sunshine. Who wouldn’t? 🙂 The ‘Beach Deck Chair’ sold. Maria saw a posting of this on my FB page and liked it so much she asked for a print. I quickly withdrew it from Ebay before it sold. I’d rather she had it and sell prints to others. Well…. she is my little girl after all. 🙂 Hope you like and share!

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