Luna Sea - Surreal Art - Oil on Canvas - Large Canvas Prints

Luna Sea Oil on Canvas 40″ x 30″


Luna Sea

Size of original: 40″x 30″ Other sizes available!

Oil Painting on Canvas 40″ x 30″

I sketched a rough for this picture a couple of years ago after reading a novel set around the creation of Stonehenge. I find surreal art fascinating but so far seem only to create it by accident, not if I try. I really enjoyed depicting day and night, sun and moon, alongside each other. I tried to imagine how the light from each source would manifest together refracted by the arch of the wave and glistening in the surf. 

At the point of updating this post I have again let myself become distracted from painting. For the last 4 months carrying out what I believe will be the last major development of this website, fingers crossed, plain sailing soon. My point is that again, as with Luna Sea, I have 4 paintings in mid-stage and I kind of lose the point on them. But I recovered the process on this even after two years so it turns out ok… so long as I enjoy :).

Quite what my original idea was I can’t recall but I know it involved pagan tribes, balance, a moon Goddess, the sea and coast etc. However I got a real buzz out of painting this and attempting to include the sun and moon in the same view with their own particular light.

I hope you enjoy this attempt at surreal art enough to like and share it.

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