Horse Girl

Horse Girl – Acrylic on Canvas 30″ x 40″


Horse Girl

Size of original: 30″x 40″ Other sizes available!

Acrylic Painting on Canvas 40″ x 30″

Size of original: 40″x 30″ Other sizes available! Are not horse and dogs described as mans’ best friend? To me this picture is an illustration of that special bond.

Again I have painted this on a gallery wrapped canvas and continued picture over the edges.

I once asked a friend, a contemporary artist, what inspired her. Her reply was that she had no idea. She would just begin by applying whatever colour as she felt there and then. That was the first step of a journey that finished when her creation was satisfying.

 I usually start with a shape or form that’s come to mind and the scene takes shape from there. that is my journey.

First I sketched the rough outline of the girl and horse on to the primed canvas. I painted grey gesso undercoat for the horse, yellow ochre for the girl and black for the rest of the foreground. Then I painted and blended the background colours, from the sky to the watery foreground area.

After a few thin layers to build up the light and shadow on the characters it was just a matter of filling in the puddles with reflections and highlights.

I’ve noticed I seem to be drawn to depicting water in many of my paintings. It seems to be an effective way of adding a sense of depth in a picture as well as adding a certain magic. Maybe my subconscious views reflections as windows into a parallel universe.

Which actually leads me, rather neatly, to my next post. Another acrylic painting on canvas called ‘Reflect’.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy this picture and I welcome any kind comments. Well…. who wouldn’t. 🙂

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