High Cliff View - Oil Painting - large canvas prints

High Cliff View – Oil on Canvas 18″ x 24″


High Cliff View

Size of original: 24″x 18″ Other sizes available!

Oil on Canvas 18″ x 24″

This brings fond memories of one of my favorite places as a child. There use to be an under cliff footpath between Ventnor and Shanklin on the Isle of Wight and there was a point where you can see Shanklin beach through the trees. Of course there would have been crowds of holidaymakers on the sand. Also a couple of piers visible from where I am depicting this view but I like to imagine how our landscapes would have looked if left untouched.

I painted this in oils by¬†the ‘wet on wet’ method. Instead of linseed oil (which stinks the house out as much as I love the smell) I used clear liquid oil paint relying on the white gesso beneath to provide the light. I’ve found that this benefits from the translucency of the pigments for light and uses less paint to attain vibrant hues. It’s the same kind of translucent quality I’ve tried to mimic in the shallow coastal sea.

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