Hidden Cove - canvas oil painting

Hidden Cove Oil on Canvas 24″ x 18″


Hidden Cove

Size of original: 24″x 18″ Other sizes available!

Canvas Oil Painting 24″ x 18″

I love rugged coastlines and discovering unspoilt havens. In this picture I’ve tried to depict a sense of energy and movement swirling towards the close of another day. That moment when a myriad of hues is thrown into the sky like paint to canvas.

Just for fun I’ve hinted at the form of a hand in the sky while still appearing as cloud. How many times do we see cloud shapes that remind us of something else. So it’s not too surrealistic… it could happen. 😉

Anyway I really enjoy this image and I hope you do … again. 🙂

Again for this canvas oil painting I used the ‘wet on wet’ method early on but then needed the paint to be a little more tacky towards the end for sharper detail.

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