Flamenco Dancer - canvas prints

Flamenco Dancer Acrylic on Canvas 30″ x 40″


Flamenco Dancer

Size of original: 30″x 40″ Other sizes available!

Acrylic on Canvas 30″ x 40″

My other favourite hobby is playing Flamenco and Classical guitar. I’ve done a few gigs, professional and charity, but I’d rather stay amateur for now. There are still so many techniques I aim to learn I haven’t enough time to keep a repertoire up to solo standard as well. I would say that my main influence is Juan Martin and it’s well worth attending one of his shows if you get a chance.

The real pleasure for me in playing the guitar is in the struggle and achieving the aim. I like to find something that’s seems impossible to do so if you can it’s so rewarding. Learn something, practice it, achieve it, enjoy it then move on. Now I can take the guitar, find a perfect place in the garden, the woods or the beach and play for hours. There aren’t many instruments that you can play the bass, harmony and melody of tunes and I’d just look silly carrying a piano into the woods. 🙂

My favourite place to play, that I can return to, is on my son’s land in Catalonia. I get up before dawn, make a large mug of tea and make my way to this little glade at the top of a ridge. Sitting on a boulder, the ground, just in front of me, drops steeply away down to a dry gulch far below me. Looking up I’m facing another rocky ridge a mile or so away that seems to catch fire as the sun rises. And there I drink tea and play my guitar accompanied by birdsong and a magnificent scene. Maybe I should paint that!!!! Ahhh such a simple joy

Well… that’s one of my things….

Hope you like this acrylic on canvas picture. 🙂

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