Felpham Family

Felpham Family – Acrylic on Canvas 40″ x 30″


Felpham Family

Canvas Painting 40″ x 30″

I was commissioned to create this canvas painting by a friend who intended it as a Christmas gift for another friend. The specifications were first that the setting had to be the local beach. That was easy, I just waited until the tide was out and took a photo of the front from the water’s edge. I used the photo as reference to sketch the skyline, easily recognised by anyone local to Felpham. The other stipulation was that I depict the family, mother, three foster children and two dogs as silhouettes. The problem was that my friend had no photos and couldn’t ask for any as that might give the game away. Nor could I meet them for the same reason as the time was close.

Anyway, from the descriptions I was given, I sketched the figures as I imagined them. It was really guess work but bizarrely when I showed the preparatory sketch I was spot for each individual. Except for one. I had depicted her accurately but the she had returned to her real parents since and subsequently replaced by another girl. I made alterations and again got an accurate likeness. I make no claims on being psychic but that was strange. The dogs being a Whippet, the other a Spaniel, were straight forward enough. I didn’t need any special powers to know the Whippet would be running and the Spaniel jumping for attention and play. 🙂 Having met the lady since, it’s great to know how “over the moon” she was.

Acrylic on Canvas Painting

I used acrylic paint for this gallery wrapped canvas painting and it’s 40″ x 30″ in size.

I think I may use the preparatory sketches of the skyline as a reference for a water colour painting. The sun sets in just the right place.

I hope you enjoy this picture too.

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