Earth Angel

Earth Angel – Water Color Painting on Bockingford Paper 12″ x 16″


Earth Angel  – Water Color Painting

Water Color Painting on Bockingford Paper 12″ x 16″

My First Attempt at Water Color Painting

Until recently I had only ever, very occasionally, dabbled with oil and acrylic paints. Remember primary and junior school? Where we dipped wet thick, fraying, brushes into jam-jar sized plastic tubs of powdered water paint? Messy but fun :)! Since then I’d had the view that water color painting was only good for illustrating flowers and landscapes. How wrong I was. I’ve seen so many beautiful works of art of different styles without realising they were water color.

I enjoyed diving in to this picture using water color. But think I may have been over ambitious. Very much the amateur, I am aware of just how much I need to learn in the painting techniques. And that’s for oil and acrylic let alone water paints. One of the problems still, for me, is leaving the white but I’m learning 🙂 I had to cheat a bit and used water color pencils for some of the detail. I also used gouache ( re. Wikipedia )to retrieve some highlights.

Overall, I like the picture. I like the bright, sunny colours, the idea and the composition. My main disappointment is the face. I didn’t get quite right first time and didn’t know enough to correct it. However I might use it as a preparatory work for a larger oil or acrylic painting.

I have finished a few other watercolor paintings and will be posting them later. A couple of landscapes and three beach scenes. But I would like to upload my artwork in approximate sequence.

An image of an angel holding the world in the palm of her hand. Does it have a meaning? Probably, I just get an idea in my mind’s eye and try to depict it. I do think that I should use preparatory sketches, especially with water color painting.

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