Early Bird

Early Bird – Acrylic Painting on Canvas 40″ x 30″


Early Bird

Size of original: 40″x 30″ Other sizes available!

Acrylic painting on canvas 40″ x 30″

My first Acrylic Painting

This is one of my first acrylic paintings. Early, most mornings, I walk the dogs on the beach where I am often just amazed by the beautiful skies at this time of day. Sometimes the sea is so calm it has the qualities of an undulating liquid jewel perfectly reflecting a shimmering version of the sky above. Occasionally the horizon is barely visible uniting sea and sky as one. It was on such a morning that I watched a small group of gulls skimming low over the water. Silent, sleek and swift, mimmicked by their near black reflections beneath them. As the sun lifts from the horison the glare makes the clouds look like a mountainous island shrouded in glowing mist.

Joy of Acrylic Painting

I enjoy acrylic painting with its similarities to oil painting. Ironically, while seeing the advantages of faster drying times when painting with acrylic sometimes it’s preferential to have a longer drying time, as with oil painting. The main advantage is that acrylic paints are water based and so much easier to use and clean up. Quicker drying times also makes it less likely for stray (dog) hairs to take up residence. 🙂

More Acrylic Painting

There are more acrylic paintings that I’ve completed since this one and will, given enough time, be posting them over the next couple of weeks. I’d like to keep ‘Early Bird’ but intend to make prints of all my work available in the future. A painting that I used acrylic on before can be found in ‘Mixed Media’ and is called ‘Viking Sunrise‘ in which I used acrylic over an airbrushed ink background. I hope you like and share this picture. 🙂

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