Country Walk

Country Walk – Water Colour Painting on Bockingford Paper 16″ x 12″


Country Walk

Water Colour Painting on Bockingford Paper 16″ x 12″

I created this water colour painting of a landscape from imagination. I tried the ‘wet on wet‘ technique again as an exercise. With water colour this means painting on to wet paper. Gradually getting the hang of it.  It’s a satisfying way of painting. You can quickly create hazy skylines on the horizon by adding thin washes on the wet paper. Layer the washes and colour variations. Build towards the foreground. Giving a sense of distance.

I used hot press paper for this picture. Generally I prefer cold press paper for this method. The pigments bleed more easily and smoothly.

There is another water colour landscape from imagination. But I would like to try a composition from the field or photo. This would be an ideal method for the field as it’s so quick.

For a picture this size it takes twenty to thirty minutes to create. The reason is that the paper dries to much after about ten minutes to get the soft blends easily. The aim is to be applying the foreground detail and highlights from then on. You want the closer details to be sharper and not spread so much.

I’m happy with the attempt and like the colours but know I still have a lot to learn.

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