Blue Jay

Blue Jay – Inks and Gouache 20″ x 28″ on art board



Size of original: 20″x 28″ Other sizes available!

Inks and Gouache 20″ x 28″ on art board

Original artwork using ink and gouache. Having only just started painting again this is by far the oldest of my small collection still in my possession, about 30 years. Originally a present to my now-departed mother it has too much sentimental value to me to ever to part with it but I do intend to sell prints in the future.

I can’t say that I particularly have a passion for illustrating birds but I copied this picture from a small photo of a Blue Jay, about 4″ x 6″, that caught my eye because of the beautiful (shades of blue) plumage.

I used an airbrush with ink for the background masking off the bird and perch in the foreground. I remember having to be so careful lifting off the masking film from the art board. Then I airbrushed the base colour and tones of the bird and wood before applying the detail with guoache pencil and draftsman pen.

I love the 3D effect created by the contrast between the blurred background and sharp foreground. I have seen many artists using this simple technique to great effect and I believe I have achieved this.

In a mixed media painting that I have created since, ‘Viking Sunrise‘, I airbrushed ink on to canvas for the background again and used acrylic paints for the boat and highlights.

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