Beach Parasol

Beach Parasol – Water Color on Fabriano CP on 22″ x 15″ Paper


Beach Parasol

Water Color on Fabriano CP on 22″ x 15″ Paper

Still exploring with water color I thought I’d try a different style. Having again (as always now) stretched the paper. I lightly sketched the outline of the figure and covered with masking fluid (frisket). Then painted the sky, sea and beach in one using ‘wet on wet’ again. As soon as the paper was completely dry I carefully rubbed the frisket away with the tip of a finger. Then carefully coloured in my sketch and highlighted to finish. I now have three paintings in this theme and will continue. There are so many variables.  My aim was to recreate that lovely Mediterranean quality of light. Under the midday sun when everything dazzles. I think I have got close. Mainly through the turquoise hue of the sea water over a white sand seabed. So to continue this theme I will obviously use similar colours. The subject will share the same range of colors. Be it a parasol, deckchair, beach ball or towel etc. I will probably make prints of these available. As for the theme I think I may try ink and acrylic on canvas. If you’d like to watch how things develop – follow me.

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