Beach Deck Chair

Beach Deck Chair – Water Colour on Fabriano CP on 22″ x 15″ Paper


Beach Deck Chair

Water Colour on Fabriano CP on 22″ x 15″ Paper

This is the second water colour in this set of three I referred to (see previous post).  I love all sorts of art work and I confess I’m no expert on identifying genres. What I look for, in any form of artistic expression, is the emotion it evokes in me.  Going into a room and something in the corner of your eye attracts your attention. That first impression and emotion when you then face it. As an example that’s probably easy to illustrate what I mean. Those old sepia photographs of streets scenes from the past. And people going about their day-to-day business. I always have feelings of nostalgia and curiosity.

Brightly coloured sunny pictures always lift my spirits. Then if it depicts the sort of place I’d enjoy being in – kind of a simple formula to follow really…..

Of course, though, for me, the actual joy of creating art is the process, so many little buzzes to have. It’s strange that arranges colours in patterns can have so many effects.

Hope you enjoy this picture

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